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Integration of real estate registration duty changes "real action" government fu

Update:2014-03-15 08:35:03Clicks:877Secondary
Premier Li Keqiang today chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to integrate the real estate registration duties , the establishment of a unified real property registration system . The New Deal for the protection of the legitimate rights of immovable property , improve government efficiency and level of governance , especially convenient for businesses, convenient for the masses , has important significance.

Integrated real estate registration duty is an important part of the institutional reform of the State Council and the functional transformation program , improving the socialist market economic system , the construction of a modern market system necessarily required , will be scattered in various departments of real estate registration responsibilities borne by a department, rationalized responsibilities relations department by providing "one-stop " service, reducing the accreditation links, will greatly reduce the burden on enterprises and the masses.

At present , China's real estate registration duty distributed across multiple departments . Implementation of housing in many cities , separated registration of state-owned construction land use right registration in the land administration department , which is in the house property management department for registration ; addition, farmland , forest , beaches , islands , etc. not only land, agriculture , forestry and other department , registration procedures, standards , etc. are also different. This decentralized registration of the situation is based on the historical aspects of the formation of other reasons . With the development of economy and society, especially in a market economy for attribution clear and unambiguous terms of the property rights system have become increasingly demanding , this approach has the effect of increasing number of drawbacks, more suited to the needs of economic and social development .

The integration of the State Council , is responsible for supervision and guidance by the Ministry of Land and Real Estate Registration duties unified national land , houses , grasslands, woodlands, waters , etc., basically registration authorities , registration books, registration and information platform based on the "four unity ." Industry management and real estate transactions continue to bear the responsibilities of supervision by the relevant departments . Under the unified around a central supervision and guidance , combined with local conditions, the duties of a unified real estate registration to a department.

To break through the real estate "islands of information ", it is necessary to prevent various departments , where the horizontal integration of data and information sharing becomes short board . The meeting noted that the establishment of real estate registration information management infrastructure platform , to achieve the approval of real estate , trading and registration information sharing by law in accordance with regulations interoperability between departments ; promoting the establishment of public real estate registration information query system according to the law , real estate transactions to ensure the safety and protect the legitimate rights and interests.

This year , in order to fully stimulate the vitality of the market under the new government made great efforts to promote the functional transformation , decentralization, introduced a pilot to expand the business changed to increase temporarily exempt some small and micro enterprises VAT and business tax registration of the registered capital of the company to promote the deployment of reform and a series of policies and measures for the reform of corporate burdens , and four batches canceled and more than 300 decentralized administrative approval and other matters.

In a State Council executive meeting on September 6 , the Prime Minister Li Keqiang stressed the need to conscientiously implement the new government introduced a series of measures to deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system , in order to better serve the business needs of an important goal transformation of government functions , Innovation Management way .

As can be seen , the new government is changing the way government functions walked quickly gallop . By deepening administrative reform, innovative ways to keep administrative burdens for businesses , enhance market vitality. It also called on relevant departments should strengthen guidance over the responsibilities of integration , accelerate the clean-up related rules and regulations concerning the transfer of good housekeeping matters to ensure an orderly integration of real estate registration duties , smooth manner.