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Jianxi District, Luoyang City: create "Dragon" Industry reproduction of the anci

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Five decades, from scratch, surging to Strategic dragon ; another five years , consolidate Jun sources, scientific layout , see the dragon off. - Inscription

People Zhengzhou, July 17 (Reuters) Jianxi District , Luoyang City , after the founding of the revitalization of the national industry , " the eldest son of the Republic " , it had too many proud capital . But the rapid development of society , and make it known under in the last 10 years, suffered unimaginable development "difficult and painful ", the new downtown everywhere, in addition to the old pattern of shackles difficult , total restructuring and development of innovation continue to scratch start ......

However , good build who never lacks the courage and wisdom to face difficulties , always open outline plans and future .

In recent years, based on the actual Jianxi District , proposed a " hundred Jianxi " enlightening slogan , to promote the transformation of old industrial base , especially Jianxi District plan "Long industrial zone economy " , so that this city, again bearing Millennium Royal Park played a dream , a timeless grand urban development , re- Peng issued vibrant vitality.

"Green Spring " brilliant how to continue ? Zaixun way to get rid of the shackles

July 10, 2013 , Jianxi District Zhujiang Road intersection with Ponceau , covering 400 acres of city reconstruction project " l Dragon " sales center nobly stand behind , is dilapidated villages Shadow , sewage, garbage , towering concrete masonry exposed , so that a comparison of the scenery is very obvious. Although hidden behind, but beckons newborn .

Jianxi District of planning , the project is the new up Dragon 's " Long industrial zone economy ," the "leading" , with a total construction area of 200 square meters, Luopu Park and Luo south , east , according to Luo and jianhe confluence , encompassing 5A office building , international six-star hotel , luxury residential, international apartments, shopping centers and other international multi- format, is based on a large urban complexes on the new development concept . In the future , there will also build a building 369 meters high landmark tower , on the basis of raising the level further enhance the spirit and become the new " Central first high ."

Looking back slowly , Jianxi District was brilliant, but like any Language era torrent places, there have been confused, bottom, struggles , painful .

Jianxi District , as Gyeonggi Court ban , which saw a 13 ancient Chinese dynasties , 91 emperors of the capital , especially in Luoyang Building Eastern Emperor , Jianxi Xiyuan as a royal presence , has a deep memory of people .

Jianxi brilliant , but also in after founding , in 1954 , large-scale economic development of New China , the state will " fifteen " during the 156 key construction projects in the six planning to Jianxi , Jianxi was similar to today as SEZs exist , " the eldest son of the Republic " known . However, the reform and opening up , the private economy booming , as the pillar of the old industrial area began to keep pace Jianxi , gradually fell into confusion and struggle .

"From the beginning of the 50s of the last century , about 50 years , Jianxi District can be said to be a green spring, is the fiery youth, passionate entrepreneurs , creating a great deal of glory ." Jianxi District Propaganda Department赵红飞says "This is a date that all people still feel proud Jianxi era ."

Jianxi District at the time , is nationally known heavy industrial base , industrial enterprises gathered . YTO Group , Los Axis Group , Luoyang Copper Processing Group , Northern Enterprises Group, 198 Ministry , provincial and municipal enterprises , is China's agricultural machinery, mining machinery , motorcycles , copper , bearings, refractories and other products the main origin of these products are sold nationwide and around the world, so very illustrious reputation Jianxi District . Based on these brilliant , after the reform and opening up, the private economy Jianxi District , commerce economy is still gradually become developed, "Imperial Court " of the land still triumph in the pack .

However , after the glories of youth , always facing growing " pains " , especially in this era of rapid development and change .

The first is a planned economy to go away , the market economy is further established, the old industrial base lost " Hanlaobaoshou " smooth , the old state-owned enterprises "favored " status light gradually fade , and even started looking for " civil economy" to work for survival . Old equipment , curing thinking, heavy duty , Republic eldest son seemed premature aging , despair Mang stricken. Entering the new century , the old industrial base continued economic downturn , thus increasing decline Jianxi District , brilliant Follows ......

"The old industrial base development issues encountered in the new era , Jianxi District is very distressing , not only we often think of the SOE reform difficult , as well as the ensuing series of questions , such as the final evolved into a social problem, development issues , and even the stability problems that require the development process continues to go unresolved, difficult, hard to imagine . " old media people in Luoyang Mr. memories.

Some advanced systems, always very vitality of development in early stage of development , but will eventually become the shackles of the more advanced development of productive forces . The truth of Marxism in Jianxi District has again been confirmed, however , to break the shackles of responsibility , in turn falls on the shoulders of the new term Jianxi people , they need to think , innovation, practice , continue to walk forward . Fortunately, Jianxi who had never discouraged , they constantly strive to make the final had been a lot of people are not optimistic about this piece of land , once again shine a new light, as is building the "l Dragon , Century Garden "City complex , as raised his head , walked very robust.

" Industry Tour" exhibition will display a new majestic style walk a fine line

In Luoyang delayed door on the right , an exhibition area of nearly 5,000 square meters of Chen , " The East is Red farming museum" Ran , an endless stream of people come to visit . And out of those , all with looking expression.

This museum was started in January 2010 , the investment of nearly 20 million yuan , April 5, 2013 officially joined Luoyang tourism ticket , is unique in Luoyang City, the new tourist attractions , and so more new " industrial tourism " , Jianxi District continues to plan the future , " industrial Heritage tour " will culvert and a number of old industrial bases in factories and living area.

Chairman Mao statue stalwart figure , rows of old thick red walls , the construction of the road along Jianxi District looked eyes rest are interdependent that particular era , it proves that the glory of an era, the era also proved gone. But need to think about is that in these glory above the new development still want to continue , you need to first issue a new regeneration in these relics weather , to adapt to the arrival of the era , the change in people's production and life.

With the construction industry was identified as "Heritage " , these brush with red paint interdependence , most have changed the nature . But the unavoidable fact is that these design life of only 20 years of heritage group , but are also home to many a delay, the old state-owned Los axis feats are the conditions of their lives , but also the same as the 1950s , 3,4 household utilities a kitchen , a bathroom , behind the current Jianxi District 30 to 40 years .

"Last year , residents of a community in a trailer home condolences , an old man shouted in front of the toilet , come out , I wait any longer ...... I felt very sad , but want to solve these problems, very difficult indeed , this is a matter involving hundreds of thousands of households , ah, want to place them where they should be solved first place there is no way to develop a cultural problem , followed by how to develop these industries built heritage , how to attract businesses to develop ? , I think basically impossible, but these older workers do so with dignity ? " Chang'an Road, Jianxi District office staff Yangcheng Xuan said with emotion .

Jianxi District, Chang'an Road neighborhood offices , management is " the eldest son of the Republic " in Luoyang delayed , residential Luoyang Bearing Factory , Luoyang Copper Processing Factory and other old state-owned factories . July 10 afternoon, the street office office desk , stood a " cultural heritage protection on the situation Jianxi industrial development project report ," this material , brought to our attention.

This is a still modify the file, the file , as early as in May 2011 , Jianxi industrial heritage street is named to the Third Street Chinese history and culture , it is the only national historical and cultural blocks an industrial culture Heritage Street. This Jianxi industrial heritage protection and development projects , or create one of Luoyang city focused on international cultural tourism projects .

According to the material we learned that in the future , will Zhongzhou Road , Jianxi District along as the axis , the transformation of the construction of the aluminum plant in the former district of Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd. , Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. factory front area , China First Tractor Group before the plant area CITIC Heavy machinery Co., Ltd. factory front area, large open channel river and parkland on both sides and along the 2nd Zhongzhou Road neighborhood , on the 10th neighborhood , the 11th neighborhood , the formation of new tourist attractions , so adding new industrial tourism content.

" Transformation of the great difficulties , such as cultural relics department asked not change the original appearance of the building, and even some that do not move, so cost recovery is difficult , developers can not afford ; without alteration bigger problem, many buildings design life of only 20 years , but the heritage you need large sums of money , but also take into account the people's livelihood , so we thought only take protective development of the road, rescue protection , but also take into account the future role of tourism business ...... " Chang'an Road Office Party Working Committee Bi Yinghua said.

Despite the difficulties, but careful design and innovative ideas , let the old industrial bases regained new life , hope is not far . Because, revitalized, not just a single idea, but many union " revitalization ."

CITIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Luoyang Mining Machinery Plant , is one of the eldest son of the Republic of China's construction of the "First Five " period 156 key projects in the layout of Luoyang , in recent years , through the keen market sense and accurate market position CITIC Heavy continuously create multiple of the first, became the revitalization of old industrial bases in Luoyang is advertised .

And with the old industrial base, " family property" of the strong scientific and technological personnel strength , supporting technical personnel, as well as lucrative on the lower chain supporting enterprises, Jianxi District foothold advantage in the region has developed many high-tech industries , cutting-edge equipment manufacturing gathering area , a new round of industrial economy led frenzy , like they rallied a comeback.

Roll out "Long industries with " cohesion Build China Dream

In recent years, the blueprint for the development of Jianxi District , "Long industrial zone economy " is a dazzling presence . Xing Economic zone, why are so many advantages gathered whirlpool , a new growth pole for development , to lead this old town back on top of the times ?

In Nanchang Road , Jianxi District Zhujiang near the heart of the commercial economy , not only are the planning and construction of the "l Dragon ", there has been capped towers of the building up to code Gurley international shopping center real estate, has built Wanda Plaza - century garden City complex projects, look around, the crowd hee hee , and the line along the street , downtown a dream , this is precisely the "Dragon economy industrial zone ," the "leading ."

This area is not only the atmosphere of modern business economy , there is a very high quality lifestyle, scenic land near Luoyang City Luo , jianhe , living in the shadow of the trees , grass Yiyi Xiyuan Park , Peony Park , Millennium and Centennial , are set on one's mind between .

"Young leader, prominent fine ," is the layout of the significance of this region , Jianxi District , where commerce industry gathered industrial advantage , " swirl " , is that it will become the leading cause.

Jianxi District , there are four strong tradition of trade economic zone , which, especially in the Shanghai market , the Guangzhou market as the backbone of commerce with King Wah Road in South Dennis joined Pearl Street dining and Nanchang Road Commercial Street as the support of the Pearl Trade with the most famous road . The leading position is the center of commerce with these , coupled with the newly formed Wanda Plaza - Century Garden business circle , here , will provide the perfect business services throughout the Luoyang city , "leading " effect , of course, .

Long body part , is to build the road, " Republic of the eldest son of " six big companies , they lined up in the revitalization of old industrial bases in Jianxi restructuring momentum is starting to drive the upper , middle and lower chain. " Dragon " plate , Jianxi District 's slogan is : " Jianlong body , highlighting the strong ."

"This economic sector , so that the middle of ' dragon ' spine more rigid , more advantages , more space, more staying ." CITIC Heavy Propaganda Minister Niu Weimin said, " in part dragon , Jianxi District to do, is to accelerate the traditional equipment manufacturing large area to transition advanced manufacturing and strong areas , and enhance core competitiveness, this is our transformation of old industrial base a top priority . "

According to reports , in addition to CITIC Heavy Machinery , Jianxi District also YTO Group and other state-owned enterprises to accelerate industrial restructuring and ownership vigorously support and guidance, and to accelerate the implementation of projects such as the New River firewood number of key projects , continue to deepen reform of property rights mechanism for conversion and management innovation , stretching the industrial chain, strengthen product development, promote industrial restructuring of large enterprises and products , technology upgrading , to seize the commanding heights of the market .

In addition, efforts to increase the transformation of the old update and expand development space. But this year , it plans to takeover Jianxi District area of 150,000 square meters, construction area of 300,000 square meters , completed area of 200,000 square meters , completed an investment of 2 billion yuan . On this basis , Jianxi District will build a modern industrial civilization tourism Name Street , improve urban connotations influence, as the main tasks on the agenda, and expansion of the dragon , the industrial economy is becoming a force again starting point for potential Dragon .

Western Jianxi District , as well as the western city of Luoyang , has been a representative of remote and backward . People have the impression that the only way , but the phrase " turning back " took place in the " Valley of Water Street ." However , in the new round of economic growth pole , and it has become invisible "talent , location " advantage whirlpool ground , became the most unique " tail" economic sectors .

"Tail " economy , on the principle of Jianxi District , highlighting is a " special" characters . Here, have a great advantage and suburban regional transport space superiority . To the " top ten industrial parks Henan " gathering area for the advanced manufacturing center , where soon became to create a unique , urban-rural integration, production integration of the city of Luoyang City West Metro .

In the " tail" , Jianxi District, the scale of investment , high technology content, good market prospects, strong radiation as the main direction of the project , the introduction of eco- west of Luoyang City , University of Science and Technology Park and other large projects, good projects , and constantly improve the industry grades and levels.

Here, a strong R & D capability of attracting a large number of large projects , good projects . With two areas of national key laboratories , the advantages of two national engineering technology centers and a number of high-tech enterprises , intelligent manufacturing , industrial design, creative design , embedded software, information industry , to the advantage of relying on professional discipline incubator project , showing with both the new situation, and gradually make the world look askance .

Moreover, as the representative of the Chinese military enterprises Ordnance Equipment Group belongs major military enterprises Luoyang Northern Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. , a joint venture of Luoyang Northern Ek Chor Motorcycle Co., Ltd. , the PLA 150 Hospital, and other enterprises , but also to "Dragon Ball " strategic positioning , continuous filled with connotations Jianxi District of economy industrial belt , a magnificent new Jianxi , has seemed increasingly clear blueprint .

Longitudinal and outlook thousand years of history and splendid thick ; lateral view , Jianxi centuries has continued to extend . Based on the great times , everyone should have their own unique dream, and the dream of every person , and ultimately go through the collection to be reflected. Jianxi District , this goal to become the Central Plains Economic Zone " goers " and " Royal Xiyuan ," will express their common dream through what form ? Pride, as the years Qian'an growing ; happiness , because of the "Dragon -type economy" Jumping illuminate every one smile it?

Next, we will continue to focus on " Long industrial zone economy " Jianxi District . Explore in detail : it is divided into a pattern of shapes , or a full layout wisely ? Its existence , so the development of Jianxi District had a vision of what kind ? It gradually forming , so this area of Chinese people dream , the dream has Zhongyuan what color ?