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E-commerce - Luoyang future direction of the development of industry and machine

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E-commerce surging wave struck

   The biggest advantage of e-commerce lies in overcoming the network technology of the time between the manufacturers and users of spatial barriers exist to reduce the intermediate links between them and the various channels , so that the loss of traditional logistics invalid avoided , and has a relatively easy advantage. For construction machinery manufacturers, through e-commerce can effectively shorten the delivery time and production cycles, simplify the order process, not only to accelerate the capital turnover , so that supply "low inventory" or even " zero inventory" is expected to achieve the goal , but also 24- hours a day in every corner of the world of online customer service . Mechanical industry users, will be able to get a more affordable price and quick service experts . Low cost and low barrier to entry of e-commerce transactions allows large enterprises and small and medium enterprises have equal opportunity to participate in e-commerce. According to statistics, 60% of small businesses , 80% of medium-sized enterprises and more than 90% of large companies have extensive business activities through the Internet .

    With the rapid development of e-commerce industry , in order to reduce procurement costs and solve complicated corporate procurement procedures appear . More and more large companies began to experiment with new models and new channels of e-procurement , which makes the wave of B2B procurement is becoming increasingly prosperous and , recently , e-commerce Sinopec cumulative breakthrough 1.5 trillion yuan . At the same time , there are more B2B platform procurement services for large enterprises to open up a special channel.

The Chinese government encourages enterprises to carry out online transactions circulation

According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 5 - , The State Council recently issued "deepening of the circulation system to speed up the flow of the industrial development program focused on work division of labor " , asked relevant departments to seriously implement the " State Council on deepening the reform to accelerate the flow of circulation industry development " the work involved in this sector further decomposition and refinement, pay close attention to the development of specific implementation measures . " Plan" requires the Ministry of Commerce , Development and Reform Commission , General Administration for Industry and Commerce , Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, according to the division of responsibilities is responsible for accelerating the development of e-commerce, e-business applications spread and deepen , and improve authentication, payment and other support systems encourage distribution companies rely on third-party e-commerce platform to establish or carry out online transactions. Innovation network sales model, developed telephone shopping, online shopping, TV shopping network goods and services transactions .

As one of the most outstanding leaders of the electricity supplier Ma has long analysis predicted a few years ago he said, " do not do e-commerce, after five years you will regret it . After ten years, you then do not do e-commerce , then you there will be no business can be "Today this sentence has been verified.

Due to pressure on the stock , accounts receivable , etc. sluggish economic environment factors affecting China 's construction machinery industry environment . Engineering machinery machine business , engineering machinery parts sales market continues to maintain a competitive situation, and machine parts manufacturers, distributors, resellers are declining profits and headache.

Starting with the rapid development of the information age , revealing the new business model analysis, development and application of e-commerce since the Industrial Revolution has become by far the most extensive in the economic sphere , the most profound revolutionary change . In the current impact of the construction machinery industry, philosophy , engineering machinery and strong vertical e-commerce sites began to appear. Website aims to establish a third-party platform manufacturers, dealers, parts suppliers, users, research institutions and other construction machinery industry downstream enterprise resource sharing . In the construction machinery industry, as a link to the manufacturer , the formation of manufacturers, dealers, parts suppliers, service providers, financial institutions and other users and related industry chain constitution , composition and construction machinery industry to promote the development of electronic commerce .

Industry vertical business platform to emerge

E-commerce is an opportunity for change and development enterprise , the machinery industry and vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of information technology to transform backward with technology, technology, industry plays a pivotal role , especially large state-owned enterprises from the initial construction of the foundation of information technology facilities and from their own actual situation, and actively promote the application of information technology to significantly improve the industry 's overall technological level . In this process, some e-commerce companies to explore and bold attempt .

Status machinery industry is also reflected in one aspect , the industry chain under the influence of the current concept of electric machinery industry and other online providers within the industry began to appear , these sites build machinery industry information sharing platform to manufacturers as a link, forming manufacturers , distribution suppliers, parts suppliers, service providers, financial institutions and other users and related industry chain constitution , composition and construction machinery industry as a whole to promote social and economic development .

Engineering machinery enterprises electricity supplier marketing Eight Immortals recount

Caterpillar 's online business

Back in 1999 , Caterpillar has been through their own PartStore web system parts to customers worldwide electronic subscription service. Since 2001 , PartStore integrated procurement system has been providing industry- leading integrated parts ordering solutions to help simplify the ordering process . Whether customers are in the management of some of the machines or the whole team , they need to quickly get the right parts. To maintain uninterrupted operation of the machine and profitable, has important significance. 24 hours a day , customers can always order parts from local Caterpillar dealer via PartStore. Customers do not need to leave the office without even picking up the phone . They simply select the desired parts online and send it directly to the construction site .

XCMG "mouse + excavator " sales model

XCMG domestic leading enterprises achieve online sales case . In the first five months of 2011 , sales of XCMG Group, through its e-commerce platform reached more than 500 million . XCMG "mouse + excavator " sales model , to the construction machinery industry added a bit of tradition and modern. E-commerce -based marketing model transformation and upgrading , and thus is an important manifestation of collaboration is the integration of marketing and information technology innovations . XCMG e-commerce platform also extends to include parts sales , operating leases , the second mobile phone business and other aspects of the value chain , and finance, logistics, warehousing and other modules to integrate building a more comprehensive coverage of the needs of users , but also for XCMG covers the entire value chain operations and support systems , improve operational efficiency and overall operational capability, laying a good foundation.

Liming Heavy electricity supplier positioning: to O2O Service

Production of large and medium-sized series of crushers, sand making machine , milling machine-based R & D, production, sales as one of the traditional nature of the mining business entities Liming Heavy Machinery Science and Technology , is to enter the field of electronic business earlier heavy industries , January 2004 that is involved in e-commerce industry , but also the first settled Alibaba heavy industries .

January 9 news, Liming Heavy electricity providers charge乔景亮revealed that in 2012 total sales Liming Heavy Industry will not be less than 1.35 billion yuan , of which electricity supplier turnover to 85% of total turnover . Qiaojing Liang introduced dawn electricity supplier is a typical O2O mode , over 90% of the electricity supplier to achieve revenue by 020 , online inquiry , offline transactions.

Trinity online parts business

December 1, 2011 , Trinity Accessories Corporation Marketing Department on the main push thirty-one accessories online store grand on the line . As Trinity pioneering engineering machinery parts after market space in the field of electronic commerce new attempt , Trinity Trinity online accessories shop accessories store marks the industry's first independent operators accessories online e-commerce stores, trying to build a third accessory sales channels. By the manufacturers directly involved in operations , product quality , basically there is no shoddy , fake phenomena. First time customers can not only understand the latest offer products, but also enables online payment purchase. Trinity accessories store using ecommerce allows relatively small parts to achieve the efficient operation of capital flow and product flow. Price and inventory immediate inquiry parts ; effective combination of the three parts of a query , the query to organize their content ordering cycle and submit orders in the " Order Parts " in order to complete part of the procedure. Reduce unnecessary costs incurred logistics distribution process and reduce costs .

Liming Heavy electricity supplier positioning: to O2O Service

    Production of large and medium-sized series of crushers, sand making machine , milling machine-based R & D, production, sales as one of the traditional nature of the mining business entities Liming Heavy Machinery Science and Technology , is to enter the field of electronic business earlier heavy industries , January 2004 that is involved in e-commerce industry , but also the first settled Alibaba heavy industries .


Electrical machinery industry development process model has a trend trader , trading patterns electricity supplier of construction machinery industry will lead to a new spring !

How Luoyang Industrial Machinery industry

     This year due to the impact of the general economic situation , many companies operating difficulties appeared in Luoyang , stop listening to the question . Because of Luoyang enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises affected business concept , previously the role of e-commerce development and the lack of a deep understanding of the development has lagged far behind . If you do not catch up, maybe we really from the " no business can " close. In the current economic situation, we must change our concepts, awareness and action from both the importance of e-commerce , Luoyang industrial economy in order to have a chance of survival .