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The company, according to the GB/T19001ISO9001 standard, composed the file of quality system, made sure the principle and aim of quality, established a comprehensive and effective quality management system to  make effective control of the whole process of product quality. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and over the years has repeatedly passed the ISO9001-2000 version of the certification review.

According to the quality management system requirements, the quality function of the departments and the quality authority and mutual relations of the staff involved in the work are made rules, and combined with their own actual situation, the preparation of the corresponding program documents and supporting documents, to guide the departments, the work of each position, so that the quality management system to become clear responsibilities, coordination of organic whole, through the implementation of the expected goal.

In the establishment and improvement of quality management system, the organization structure, process and resources to organically combined, to give full play to the function of quality management system, and the stable product quality, reduce the cost of quality have achieved good economic benefits. The company pays great attention to the effective operation of the quality management system, through the effective operation of the system, not only can form the whole process of product quality control, prevent the occurrence of quality problems, but also can find the quality of the problem, take the appropriate corrective measures and preventive measures, and then carry out the quality improvement activities.