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Luoyang force of Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in known as " the ancient capital of nine dynasties ," said the Luoyang City, Henan Province , Luoyang city government named by tech joint-stock enterprises , mainly engaged in mining machinery and the development of non- standard machinery , manufacturing , sales and technical services.
The company has more than 100 employees with a college degree or above accounted for more than 35% of total number of employees , including a senior technical titles in five people , specializing in product and process design of the technical staff of 20 people.
The company has since purchased 20 acres of industrial land , producing more than 8,000 square meters of business premises ; has included large vertical lathe , large sleeper , a large milling machine, large rolling machine , CNC cutting machine, all kinds of welding and machining equipment , including various auxiliary equipment of approximately more than 70 sets , processing and testing equipment .
In 2006 the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2009 through the re-evaluation certification. Companies from signing the contract , procurement of raw materials to the parts and components production, product assembly , testing, delivery and after-sales service , the whole process of product quality control . Company carefully follow the " well- doing fine ," the quality , and strive to achieve " 100% pass rate , 100% customer satisfaction ," the quality objectives, in good faith to provide customers with quality products and customer service , to serve the community .
Mine hoist and winch mine is the company's main product . In the company's technical staff has extensive experience in the field of upgrading technology , to enhance technological research and development and has a deep understanding of a full range of product development capabilities, and based on the starting point , summary, application of the latest research is currently at home and abroad results within the range of hoist kits developed the latest full range of products , its advanced technology in the domestic leading position. The company also with a number of domestic mining machinery industry's most powerful and prestigious Institute of the University became a long-term strategic partnership , the introduction of the technology exchange , human resources, information transfer and other cutting-edge technology industry has a considerable advantage.
The company can produce single rope winding hoist ( with proof ) , hoist ( with proof ) and multi-rope friction hoist , roll diameter from 1.2m ~ 4m There are dozens of types of products , of which nearly 20 kinds of national mine safety Supervision Bureau , the State Production Safety supervision Bureau , " national mining products Safety Center" presented the " mining product safety certification mark ." In addition, the company also based on the user's actual parameters and special requirements , custom hoist and hoist .
Companies encourage technological innovation over the years has developed a JTP-1.3, JTP-1.8, 2JTP-1.8 hoist and JK-2.25, 2JK-2.25, 2JK-2.75 mine hoist , and a number of patented technologies and products to enhance the technical field , have complete independent intellectual property rights, to fill the gap . The company 's patented technology developed as follows :
1 "Lift lifting machinery used non-contact master controller " , Patent No. ZL200520128282.X;
2 " multi-rope hoist Sassafras overall feed slot car device" , patent No. ZL200620032076.3;
3 " rope oiling machine pressure injection pump" , Patent No. : ZL200620032100.3;
4 " with piston rod locking mechanism tone rope clutch cylinder " , Patent No. 201020102984.2 ;
5 " tooth -block transfer clutch Rolling toggle rope ring" , Patent No. 201020102892.3 ;
6 " A friction pad detector " (patent ) , patent No. 201010567284.4 ;
7 . " Friction pad detector with a clamping device specifications " , Patent No. 201020635296.1 .
Company products are sold throughout the country , customers across large, medium and small mines , service received.
Ensure the safe and reliable to meet the prerequisite requirements and procedures required under the relevant national , scientific , rational choice , hoist configuration parameters to maximize savings for the user equipment investment , reduce the company's costs is the consistent principle . Under this principle, the company can provide users, including technical advice, equipment manufacturing, with a full range of services in the technological transformation of equipment , on-site technical services.